Manav Kedia

industrial designer



Hi I’m Manav Kedia, a freelance designer from India. I am currently an Industrial Design student at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). For me creativity is versatile, imperative, and omnipresent. It exists in the move of a dancer expressing a specific emotion, or a cake turning into a piece de resistance through its beautifully crafted frosting. We see creativity and innovation in a  poem transforming into a master piece through words arranged in a symphony or in the ability to design a product. My love for design is endless. I see it everywhere and I in live it everyday.

Moreover, I truly believe industrial design is not just about user experience it is also about cultures and traditions. It changes how we interact with things and the world around us. It helps make things more functional, aesthetically pleasing, economical, accessible and efficient. I personally as an industrial designer enjoy how diverse and broad this field is, the number of possibilities and outcomes it has. Over the years i have explored various aspects of ID ranging from woodworking to 3D rendering. I dont know what life has in store for me but i hope to use the skills and resources to make this world a better place.

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